Internet Marketing is NOT they Key to Business Success

Why the Internet is NOT the Key to Success

Let me first clarify that if you are a seasoned, professional marketer, then marketing IS your business and obviously it is ONE of the primary keys to your success because it is your product.

But what every other home business owner should understand is that marketing is not their primary business, but a tool that should require no more than 10-20% of their resources, while the other 80-90% should be spent on their money making activities.

Yet, what often happens is that many people begin to market the marketing tools and systems, continually training and re-educating themselves as if marketing were their business.

Which is all fine and good if you are an affiliate marketer, and know that you’ll always be analyzing trends in the marketplace, tracking and making sure that you or the businesses that you represent get a decent ROI.

How the Internet can Hurt Your Home Business

While many people in network marketing companies promote systems and tools which tout lead generation and training, many find themselves beginning to promote those tools and systems as their primary income generator.

What they don’t seem to see is that these systems won’t necessarily lead to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that elusive ‘walk away residual’ or ‘royalty income’.

With competition, attrition and saturation in the marketplace, retirement income won’t be found by marketing marketing tools and systems.

While internet marketing provides many avenues for a networker to get leads, what often happens is that the marketing gets ahead of the networking.

And unfortunately, not in a good way.

  • How many times are you spammed every day in your inbox and on Facebook?
  • How many event notifications do you get per day (often for the same exact event held by multiple people that you’ve only connected and never corresponded with)?
  • How many of your Facebook ‘friends’ spam your wall with their product, system or opportunity as soon as you accept their friendship? This is what ‘Facebook marketing’ has often become.
  • How many times per week are you added to groups you haven’t asked to be added to?

Is this effective marketing? Not only is it ineffective, it will LOSE you more prospects than it ever gains.

Additionally, a Retirement income is not possible solely by promoting tools or systems that may find a 75% attrition rate and be obsolete in a year.

You’ll be forever training and working to keep up with ever more rapidly changing technology.

Sad really when Facebook or any other social network provides an unequaled opportunity to meet prospects.

The internet is not going to provide the end-all-be-all answers for every (even 98%) of entrepreneurs, for one of two reasons.Either they are

  1. just are not cut out to be a true marketer (in the sales, advertising and marketing industry sense of the word)
  2. simply not comfortable with the technical side of the internet.

Even so, many people spend so much time and money marketing online to ‘get leads’, they’re not really aware of how much those leads are truly costing them, adding the years and dollars spent to get them.

This post examine why your ‘free’ leads are in many ways NOT free!

While everyone online starts out to find leads for their business, what they often find after 99% of their efforts go toward procuring those leads, they just don’t know how to convert them.

The Solutions for Lasting Success in Your Networking Business

What most people find is that they are truly lacking in the core skills, the ones that give them confidence and effectiveness in DEALING with the leads they finally find, after months of training and exercise in internet marketing.

The skills of communication and relationship building are key to successful sponsoring, the attributes of confidence and belief in what you are doing help you overcome the trepidation, doubt and disappointment common to the home business industry.

And to make that income and success sustainable, here are the keys to maintaining the business you have worked so hard to build, creating true equity for your long term financial future.

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  1. Heidi Green says:

    Hello Vicki,
    This is an awesome blog post! You are making more and more sense everyday, and I am getting so tired of spinning around in circles going nowhere in Network Marketing. So true about Facebook, to me it’s like a crazy jungle! I’m tired of racking my brains trying to figure this stuff out, but you just opened my eyes to what this biz is really about, learning about relationships, and others learning about me.

    Thanks for opening my eyes, and giving me a wake up call with this post!

    • Vicki says:

      So glad to hear you got it Heidi! None of this stuff works in Network Marketing unless you build the relationships. Relationships are what business succeeds on, almost regardless of the industry.

      Plain internet marketing of products can be made without really getting to know people, but you at least have to provide some sort of value even in sales copy, posts or other marketing medium or you’ll still never convert a sale.

      But Network Marketing is about the Networking first, which people get lost when they try internet marketing – a good way to get sidetracked from really building a team and duplicating (the keys to network marketing success!)

      To your success Heidi!
      Let me know what I can do to help.

  2. We should not go for any internet Marketing tools that can generate spam links and friends list. Make some good business relationships with other people through facebook and grow your network which will help in getting more business and eventually gaining business success.

  3. SEOhog says:

    We are an internet marketing firm, and I wanted to say that I could not agree more. Unless the MLM participant is working their own business and really get involved in their own internet marketing, ranking in the search engines alone does not seem to bring the amount of leads that it should. Search engine optimization and internet marketing works very well for “some” businesses, for others it just seems to complement what the business is doing for itself.

    MLM seems to be niche that can be complemented with internet marketing. I have not seen one case (and I know I am about to be proven wrong), where in a MLM really only depended on internet marketing for all of their lead generation.

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