Two Common Pitfalls to Your Network Marketing Success

There are two common network marketing pitfalls that can easily be avoided on your road to success…..

Although some challenges are common to any home business, such as time management and financial challenges (record keeping, budget setting, etc), the ones I am going to discuss here ear specific to network marketing.

If you are new to the industry of network marketing then it’s important that you realize your first year will be a lot of learning and training so it’s important that you be coachable.

As long as you are, and that you have a very well understood ‘why’, you should have no issue persisting through these challenges.

But these are the same two major challenges that every network marketer has to work through in order not to lose out on potential opportunities.

1) Spending too much time and energy on people who will not commit to your business.

This is a problem especially in the beginning because you are so eager to build your team.

You know it is about building relationships but watch the clock on this one!

If you spend too much time trying to help people who are not willing to gothe extra mile and help themselves you’ll lose not only time but your precious energy.

You’ll want to focus on the people who might be on the fence, and you will end up no spending enough time just sewing seeds with as many people as you can.

This leads me to the 2nd challenge, which in many newbie marketers case often occurs due to just being excited about their product or opportunity:

2) Talking too much about your opportunity

Remember one of your biggest skills will be listening.

Before you go to far telling someone about your product or opportunity be sure to have an ear open and hear your prospects’ challenges.

If they don’t believe they have a need for your product or opportunity, your job is to create that need, or show they have it without their feeling as if they are being ‘sold’.

So many of us in this industry have great products.

Wonderful products are being marketed daily but in social media in particular, it is not about commerce! Be careful not to use the internet as a platform to spout commercials spam links and messages.

So if you are new and still not having results, do not despair!

The only reason for failure in this industry is giving up before you get results. Sometimes it takes a while to gain your confidence, and hone your skills.

Especially now that there are two fronts you might work with, networking and marketing.

The former is absolutely crucial and the 2nd adds to your reach. Master the networking skills and work the marketing in the background to avoid overwhelm and avoid distracting from your building activities.

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  1. Audrey Ross says:

    Hi Vicki,

    These are indeed the common reasons why network marketing fails. For newbies, they became reluctant to continue there business if they don’t see positive results. It does take time to be successful in this business. It doesn’t happen overnight. You just have to be patient and surround yourself with experts in order to learn new things and be influenced with their work ethics.

  2. Leo says:

    Hi Vicki!

    You are right! Many rookies waste a lot of time on the people who are actually not interested in their business. That is why time and again stress has been laid on aiming at target audience which helps clear out those who are not interested and focus on potential customers.

  3. Rosalia says:

    I am a writer and I write sales page. I have realized one thing that while addressing customers we must not just speak about ourselves. The Power words here would be “You”, “your”. So, I feel that your second point brings home the idea that we need to focus more on the customers.

    • Vicki says:

      You are absolutely right Rosalia! There’s nothing that will chase customers away faster than focusing on yourself (with words like ‘I’ and ‘My’)!

  4. Rodrigo Valenzuela says:

    I agree with Vicki and Rosalia that getting the customer feel that the offer is benefiting the business only draws him or her away. After all why will I buy something that benefits the business only. The point is to highlight the benefits the product can offer to its customers!

  5. Glen Carlsen says:

    Great post :) These two things are without a dubt the biggest reasons for failure!
    People get to exited in the beginning and spam the hack out of evryone they get in tuch with!
    Its people we are talking to! Not some dumb animals :)

  6. shane02 says:

    It doesn’t happen overnight. You just have to be patient and surround yourself with experts in order to learn new things and be influenced with their work ethics.

  7. luxury tent says:

    You sound like somebody who is new to network marketing and who is trying to recruit people to be your downline.

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