Empower Network; Powerful Tool or Another Shiny Object?

Empower Network ReviewEmpower Network; Real Value or Hype?

I bet you’ve not only heard about the Empower Network by now…..

…but if you are like I was, you are thinking, “it’s just another bright, shiny object isn’t it?

Something to distract me from what I’ve planned for my business?

Well, that is definitely what I thought when the Empower Network started circulating.

As a matter of fact, my shields were way up, knowing the selling power that David Wood is famous for…

The Empower Network just seemed to me like a lot of hype, complete repeat of other systems…….

And while it may not be a repeat, it has had it’s bumps in the road…..

…. many technical ….

…. many financial ….

…. and many issues due to perceptions that it was just TOO much hype….

While the Empower Network started out as a promising new system for me to recommend newbies out there, it has just turned into a really bumpy ride with many distractions that went on for months.

Even David and David appear to be backing away from the project, at least according to people I know still involved

So What’s the Good and Bad With the Empower Network?

Being ever the search of ways to streamline and leverage my online marketing, I had to at least take a look.

I had every intention of not doing anything, at least not right away.

I am always extremely analytical, having tried no less than 15 different systems JUST so that I can in good faith recommend what I do….. so would Empower Network be something I would recommend?

And even given the marketing mastery of someone like David Wood together with David Sharpe, who have put this Empower Network system together, I was extremely cautious not just to be sold……

But after several months (and yes making some money with this), I have given it up for something far more powerful, which I’ll get to in a minute.

With the merchant problems, system problems, and the like, the time I had to invest in what should have been a simple system exponentially grew until I had to give up and wait…..

And I continued to wait for things to improve while I stopped recommending it (I can’t make money with something I do not believe in and I cannot in good conscience recommend something I know to be fraught with issues).

As much as I love David Wood and think the world of the efforts (and progress) they have made in this system, I was struggling to get the value in their training when a call that should have been an hour turned into over 3 hours.

I simply do not have the time for that (I need to recommend training that will get to the point much more quickly!)

And when people are so new, I don’t want to recommend to them that they really should immediately learn to create value and do the necessary keyword research when they just want to make money to realize their dreams.

Growing a list takes a few simple steps and does not require a blog or a social presence or a brand for that matter.

But systems and tools, whether for blogging and lead generation or an all in one income generator are only a part of what you have to put into your business. You have to take action no matter what you are marketing.

If you are marketing a system or affiliate program you’ll have to decide whether you have time to do that along with a primary company that has a long term viable business model.


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  1. Frankie says:

    Excellent post Vicki, I personally think that Empower Network has already revolutionized the online industry, 100% commissions are unheard of!

  2. Tanisha says:

    this is it Vicki glad to be apart of this

  3. Benny Tjoa says:

    Hi Vicki,

    I am :

    1. Wholesaling houses,buying low and selling low. I need Buyers’ Leads.

    2 .Need sources of short term private money lenders (for real estate) I need Leads of persons who have
    money to lend/invest.

    Can “Empower Network Blogging System” help me obtaining LEADS for my above business?
    If it does I definitely will join you.

    Benny Tjoa
    (714) 675-8301 cell

    • Vicki says:

      Sorry Benny I didn’t see your comment until just now. I will call you tomorrow evening at my earliest opportunity so we can have a chat about it.

  4. sudha says:

    Great to see your post about the Empower Network at the top! good job…

  5. Great post and Nice review about the Empower network. I agree with you there that the Empower network is growing up fast. Empower network has this good system that makes you gain 100% commission on your network marketing business that will gain you double pay and directly get it through your bank account. Every blogger I know wants to join the Empower network because It’s growing and I can really say that It’s worthy of an investment.

  6. I have read many blogs in the net but have never come across such a well written blog. Good work keep it up

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