MLSPs Live the Dream Proves the Value of Live Networking Events

Whether for a company or for generic training, live network marketing events are a part of any serious network marketers’ agenda.

As things change, they still remain the same…. but the changes in the industry over the last few years have been so astounding that it takes an event like this to be able to get your arms around it.

While these events give those small numbers of networkers willing to go the extra mile (and I mean that literally) a chance to meet others in their own niche, from struggling beginners to top leaders, all on a personal level, this small number grows ever more powerful and ready for success.

Nicole Jolie, Norbert Orlewicz & Me

Although the training itself, jam packed into 11 and 1/2 hours for two days straight of general session (not to mention the after parties and after / after parties, was enough to make the entire event, it was really the chance to meet many of the people whom we’ve only known online up to that point.

It was like seeing old friends after a long time being apart!

There really aren’t words to describe what happens when people from all ages, origins, backgrounds and success meet with a common goal in mind.

"Social Media Cowgirl", Diane Hochman, Staci Gauny, Nicole Jolie, Cathie Heath & Me

The chance to create and foster new relationships and collaborations is without a doubt the most valuable thing that can be taken away from an event like this. As you begin soaking in the online world the relationships you create are as real as any other.

It’s just that when they manifest in person, they are made so much more powerful by the prior interactions you’ve had, by the paths which have crossed through blogging, social media, and syndication partnerships.

Cesar Rodriguez, Me, Cathie Heath and Staci Gauny

The relationships that were previously somewhat casual became much more by the time everyone left Orlando, and what were once two dimensional people on a web page turned out to be extremely genuine and authentic, truly inspirational people (and I’m not talking about just the leaders).

Judith Rwehumbiza and Me

As we all know, this industry is while being a tough one, though it offers anyone with the persistence and will to succeed to do just that.

But it’s tough in part because of the perceptions left by decades of misunderstood ‘failures’, as well as the potential for those of us involved to feel isolated when our family and friends don’t see what we see, and what it can truly do for us in creating a new economy.

It is in fact, simply about building relationships, training leaders, and moving  product.

And when you add the training of marketing skills on top of that is when it can be rather daunting.

But even though much of the skill set challenging many who come to this event may be in the realm of internet marketing, as Norbert has mentioned on the webinar just following the event, it is truly at its core still about relationships, sales and communication skills.

Success in this industry is really about stepping out of your comfort zone, investing in yourself, being a leader and helping others to do the same and improve their lives as a result.

And with the support of others in the same industry, the ability to help one another succeed whether or not in the same company, the odds are definitely in our favor for creating a new economy.

I’m sure that many of us will return for the next event, and I can say for one that I’ll be there with bells on as they say!


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  1. Audrey Ross says:

    HI Vicki,

    It’s good to have this kind of gathering. There are a lot of benefits from it just like meeting the people you met online in person, strengthening your relationship, sharing your knowledge and learning new things. Success is indeed stepping out from you comfort zone and try new things. You should take the risk just like what Steve Job did.

  2. Nicole Jolie says:

    What a great post! You are such a great writer Vicki!!

  3. Carol says:

    The event really was a great opportunity to create relationship and collaboration. I am jealous that you got to meet all these great networkers and spend two days with them. The duration was really enough to get to know and bond with them. The after parties sound great as well. Thank you for sharing.

  4. John Jarvis says:

    Vicki as usual you are right.

    Networking events are a great way to Socialize and learn from and
    help others. Like Facebook in person.

    And yesterday was fun. Let’s do it again next summer.

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks John, and for coming up with the event idea for yesterday! I think summer sounds like a good idea, I believe this idea can continue to take off!

      Oh, I have yet to hear from the guy who won my course, let me know if you hear from him!
      Have a great week,


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