Are You Spending Enough Time on Your Priamry Business Activity?

primary business activity for mlmWhat is your Primary Business Activity?

If you are an entrepreneur in Network Marketing, no matter what, your primary activity is exposing new people to your business.

Whether it’s having a conversation, one on one or three way, or having someone look at or attend a presentation, these are your money making activities.

This is why you make that list, and why you do any amount of social networking or internet marketing.

So yes, some of this time on writing blog posts, networking online, etc. does in a way qualify as your revenue generating activity.

But it might not be an amount of time as much as it is the quality of time you spend.

Spend more time giving value and helping people than you do promoting yourself and you’ll reap the rewards of that.

And then if you at least talk to one person each day about your primary business (as a starting point), and create a habit of that, then after 90 days expose at least two people every day to your opportunity, think of where you will be after that 90 days!

If you are experiencing a shortage of people to talk to then spend more time socializing until you increase those numbers and find people who have an interest!

Training is Necessary, but Not a Primary Business Activity

So many of you know that simply talking to people is not enough.

How are your communication skills?

Do you notice most people run the other way as you bring up your opportunity?

Then you definitely need more training in the core skills or recruiting and personal development and communication.

What results are you seeing from your internet marketing efforts?

Are you even measuring them?

If you think you need internet marketing and don’t know where to start, you are not alone.

It could be that you are at the point where you should be spending 30 – 40% of your time on training for these skills, which are the most important.

But although training is a must if you are to be successful at your primary business activity, you can’t sharpen that axe forever, you have to start swinging!

I can help you your core skills and an internet marketing plan if you download my ebook, but it takes a commitment to yourself and a sound belief, vision, and a good deal of persistence and positive attitude.

primary business activityMarketing is not Your Primary Business Activity Either!

It is an incredibly daunting task to add internet marketing to your business, but well worth it if you have the fortitude.

But  it is still not your primary business activity!

The danger is in the overwhelming nature. It can cripple your productivity and that of your team if you do not have a good mentor!

The tendency is often to spend 80% of your time on marketing activities and less than 20% on your primary business activity.

This is the opposite of what it should be!

Ultimately, you should be spending 65% of your time on your revenue generating activities, 25% on marketing (blogging, etc). and 10% on training.

Much of the reason that we get so lopsided in spending time on marketing is due to a lack of self discipline and time management skills.

But then there is the problem of a lack of duplication in some attraction marketing techniques.  But that can also be addressed with proper systems, mentoring and training.

So it may not even be a matter of the amount of time that you spend on your primary business activity, but the quality of time.

The right training and systems are essential to your success.

But if you haven’t an idea of how much of a percentage or your efforts are going toward actually being able to expose people to your opportunity, and if you are generally unsuccessful at converting or closing them into your business, then a reassessment may be in order!

Your primary business activity should be the most prominent and successful use of your time!

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  1. Shivam Garg says:

    Hi Vicki,
    I agree with you that it is the quality of and not the amount that matters. The very basic and most important aspect pf any venture is planning out in an efficient way. Good planning leads to a good and sound beginning and well begun is half done.

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Shivam!

      You’re so right, proper planning leads to a sound beginning; and I love what you said, ‘well begun is half done’!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Wishing You Tremendous Success,

  2. ella says:

    So true, but how to utilize our time better when so much has to be done is a whole new ball game

    • Vicki says:

      You’re right Ella, it’s a challenge to balance our time when so much has to be done! I say just put the most important things first, then the rest will take care of itself! There are only so many hours in a day, so many days in a week!

      Wishing You Fabulous Success,

  3. Michael says:

    I totally agree with this post.
    All the rest is secondary.

    thanks Vicki

  4. Jess says:

    Excellent points!!! If someone’s profession is to do internet marketing then that’s his primary activity and that’s what he should be doing and offer that to someone who isn’t specializing in marketing :)

  5. danika says:

    Good points, I worked for myself for 5 years and now notice that in a larger company (as I moved back into traditional employment) that it is even easier to get distracted. More and more people seem able to “lay low” in these types of company and do very little riding on the back of others.

  6. joanna says:

    You have a very nice opinion regarding this matter. Glad that i have read this post. And i do believe also that The right training and systems are essential to your success. I am very much motivated by reading this article so thank you very much for sharing this one!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Joanna!

      I’m glad you are taking advantage of training, as that is definitely important too. It’s just that many people get mired in the training and never take the actions they should! (I had this problem myself for a time!)

      Wishing you Fabulous Success,

  7. Kristina L. says:

    You are so right, Vicky. it comes to the point that it is not how much time we spend in front of the computers, but it is how we spend that time-it all comes down to quality. We could invest money in training, and keep investing all over again,but that is not a guarantee for success, if we do not recognize our own potentials and create a plan that will work out.

    • Vicki says:

      You’re right Kristina! We do have to create a plan, and focus our our own potential, and make sure that our time spent has the greatest quality possible!

      Wishing You Brilliant Success,

  8. Antonia says:

    Most entrepreneurs tend to worry with all aspect of their business at times. As a result, they forgot the main thing that they need to focus on. Just remembered it now, I read one important reminder to all entrepreneurs out there… The blogger said that if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must learn how to delegate things and focus on more important things that can help you maximize your business.

    • Vicki says:

      You’re so right Antonia! We definitely need to learn to focus on our revenue generating activities (and firstly define what those are!), while delegating or relegating for less time those activities which do not! (sorry, I missed this comment during a crazy scheduling time of my own!)

      Wishing You Fabulous Success!

  9. Chris Fairchild says:

    Great points Vicki. It’s the training and following a duplicatable system that make the money in MLM. Everything else is window dressing. It’s easy to get caught up in the “bells and whistles” of online marketing but if you lose sight of the fact that its all designed to connect with individual people and share your primary business, it’s all for not.

    • Vicki says:

      You are so right Chris, there are lots of shiny objects, bells and whistles to distract us from what’s really important in this business. If you have worked a bit to put some marketing framework in place though, you should definitely get out of that mode and go back to the roots of what’s necessary to build your business, and that is talking to people about it!

  10. Kim says:

    thank you for the wake up call. I find myself guilty of downloading every report I can find and then they tend to get lost in dustbin of my hard drive. My solution was to better document my time and firmly set my goals. This has helped, but I still have a ways to go.
    Thanks for the post.

  11. Dan Pressler says:

    Excellent post & information I needed to remind myself of what’s really important…keeping the main thing the main thing…Thanx Vicki!

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