Create Viral Content with Value and Visibility

Viral Content; How to Achieve It

Most of us are in the social media marketing realm for the purpose of getting ourselves out there, expanding our reach, building our lists, branding ourselves, and ultimately solving problems for our target market.

We want to create a buzz, the coveted viral content that others will share enough times over and over so that we become visible to the masses.

Content syndication is one of the most powerful aspects of social media marketing.

Once you create valuable content that has high visibility through content syndication, you have created the potential for viral content.

If your content targets the needs of your niche market, and you achieve syndication of that content, then you’ve hit a home run, you have viral content.

It’s likely that you already know what content syndication is.

And the power it possess is that as each person that shares your content shares it with their network, and this repeats another 2 or 3 times, you have created viral contentl.

But, you cannot achieve this kind of high visibility without a content syndication network.

How a Content Syndication Network Helps You Create Viral Content

viral contentWhat you need are groups of people in your target market who will appreciate and propagate your content with their networks, who will in turn share that same content with their networks.

This is how your content can go viral. You extend the reach of your own network, which thereby becomes your Content Syndication Network.

This group of people might consist of your friends on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or specific groups and forums for example. So be sure first of all that these friends, forums and groups are in your target market!

But an even more effective solution has been rising up in the last year, and gaining momentum especially now with Google’s latest search engine algorithm changes.

And that is to become part of a Tribe and achieve mutual content syndication to achieve what other wise take a while!

My traffic increased immediately upon submitting content to at TribePro caused my content syndication to increase dramatically. It allows the use of OnlyWire to automatically syndicate, and I’ve seen posts I submitted have over 100 shares within the first day!

The key here is that you do not submit your own content to the bookmarking and social networking sites but that it is submitted by more than one person to their own accounts. This indicates social proof that your content is submitted multiple times.

If you want to have your content go viral with a few clicks of the mouse, and avoid the pain of waiting years for organic results, this is a must have.

Providing Value to Create Viral Content

But none of this means anything, that is, it won’t matter if you HAVE a content syndication network if you do not provide value.

You will still not create viral content.

It won’t matter how many friends you have, or how many groups you join, or how many posts you share.

Over delivering the kind of value added content that at least provides some kind of education, enlightenment or entertainment, and which solves a problem faced by your niche market, is how you achieve that kind of visibility.

This kind of content will not only push your reach by way or shares on social media sites, but also by way of backlinks from other blogs, social bookmarking sites and RSS feeds as well, all of which only increases your SEO.

Providing value to your network is not only how you transform it into a content syndication network.

It is how you can create viral content.

If you feel you don’t have value to add, content to bring to the table, you are wrong!

Every one of us has individual gifts and talents to offer, and someone is out there looking for you.

So be sure to convey what you learn, every step of the way, and as you learn and teach, you learn even better, and you will become an expert, teaching and helping those who follow you.

Your knowledge will grow, your leadership abilities will grow, and more and more you will find your value is appreciated.

Creating viral content is no more than sharing your knowledge in a manner that helps your target market, giving without want, and building know-like-and-trust.

And to be seen by enough people, building enough relationships in the process, we build our own tribe and our efforts come back to us tenfold a result.

Viral Content will get you noticed, produce more traffic to your blog, videos or articles, and produce more leads!

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  1. Hey Vicki,
    Good post, it lets you see the big picture and how important it all is. I’m looking to syndicate… Thanks

    Coach Freddie

  2. Lori Tisot says:

    Hey Vicki – great post – I think this is the dawn of a huge wave that is taking over internet marketing! Tribes are the way to go – helping each other out instead of the old paradigm of competition creates a much better community and a much better world. I am so glad to be a member of the Unified Tribe with you!


    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Lori,

      You too! I agree, it’s such an amazing place to be in this time as we define our world and doing business in a new way.

      Wishing You Every Success!

  3. Chris Bernardo says:


    Thanks for contributing to the community and sharing this, The Term Viral all starts from friends, a tribe sharing what they find is value, Your Post here is value that i am proud to share with my friends, followers and list.

    Have an awesome weekend!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Chris! Im honored to be part of such an awesome tribe and proud to contribute any value!

      Wishing you Every Success!

  4. Deborah Tutnauer -- ITS ALL SUCCESS TV! says:

    Loving what you are saying Vicki!!

    Peace and Abundance,
    Deborah Tutnauer

    • Vicki says:

      Thank You Deborah!

      I find myself inspired by great content I see and learn from every day!

      Wishing You Brilliant Success!

  5. Hector Cuevas says:

    Hey Vicki..

    Loved what you said about ‘adding value’ – We NEED to share GOOD stuff. Even if you get 100 people to share your post, it really won’t matter once people actually read it if it’s BAD.

    I’ll go as far as to say – that will probably hurt your image that some people might never return for future content..

    very well said Vicki
    talk soon

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Hector!

      I agree, if you are just sending out poor content, or just links to capture pages, then people aren’t going to respond and certainly won’t share or syndicate when they see your name associated with future links!

      Continue setting the fine example that you do Hector!

      Thanks again and have a Brilliant Day!

  6. Angela Giles says:

    Content syndication is HUGE right now! I am so excited to be part of it and part of the Unified Tribe! You are right on about how important it is….Keep up the great article writing!

    Believe in Yourself!

    Twitter Diva
    .-= Angela Giles´s last blog ..How to Generate FREE Traffic from other People’s Blogs =-.

  7. Brian Tomlinson says:

    Awesome post Vicki, we definitely always want to use the power of our tribe to syndicate our content. Unified Tribe rules.

    .-= Brian Tomlinson´s last blog ..Motivation: Me, Tony Robbins, Rocky & a Dog =-.

    • Vicki says:

      Thank You Brian!

      I post this now and again because I still see some folks giving a pitch, and it’s a shame, because that’s much less likely to be syndicated than valuable content. Take your content for example, I always share that with my followers because of its value! And adding my 20k or so followers to yours gives you exposure to possibly have it syndicated to even more networks. That’s the magic that only great content can produce! But folks who are just giving a slightly less than obvious pitch are more than likely wasting their time and energy!

      Thanks again for stopping by, great to see you as always!
      Wishing You a Brilliant Day!

  8. Jennifer May says:

    Hey Vicki! Great post and loving the syndication tips girl! The Unified Tribe and Value mixed is the most powerful asset anyone could have to growing themselves online! You have shared a wonderful, detailed post on how to create a network that will work for you not against you!

    It is all in the syndication, the value and the truly helping one and other succeed… nothing is more powerful than united Entrepreneurs! :)

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Jenn!

      Yes indeed, isn’t TUT a trump card when you’ve got value to share! It’s a wonderful asset, and I’m blessed to have met so many wonderful people there!

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment, always wonderful to see your smiling face!

      Wishing You Brilliant Success,

  9. John Chatman says:

    Viral content is like the holy grail of the marketing industry. It is bottom line one of the most explosive ways to create a huge amount of buzz for your blog and your other web properties.

    The only thing about it is that no one is really sure which posts are going to catch fire and develop a life of their own.

    In considering what are the best ways to make sure that your work has every opportunity of going viral I thought of several things that need to take place:

    A) You have to have a large enough syndication base to exponentially increase the area of coverage that your content will receive. More eyes means more opportunity.

    B) It has to be killer content. You want to always be putting out your very best thoughts. Think about what is the best way to impact your marketplace with value.

    C) It has to be entertaining. Gone are the days that you can give dry monotone presentations and think that just because it is quality information the hordes of traffic will follow.

    The fact of the matter is that with the internet so predominant in today’s society we must always endeavor to catch the audience’ attention as soon as possible and hold it while educating them at the same time.

    I have really enjoyed this post and your blog in general so don’t be surprised to see me back here more often.

    Keep rockin,

    • Vicki says:

      Hi John!

      Thanks, yes you are right, the larger the audience the greater your chances of going viral. And the point of my post was indeed that killer content! Of course anything dry and matter of fact is far less likely to go viral!

      It’s good to see you again, I appreciate your insightful comments and added value here!

      Wishing You Wonderful Success,


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